Veit Spiegelberg had the idea for TravelAppointments. As one of StepMap's managing directors, he has been successfully supporting the travel industry for twelve years with a solution for creating individual maps. That is why he is well aware of the challenges of travel agencies and tour operators.

In order to make it easier for them to contact and organise appointments with customers, he has developed TravelAppointments and closely tailored them to their needs. His many years of experience in the Internet sector was helpful for this: Veit Spiegelberg started his web career on eBay, was for Jamba! and Bild.T-Online and later head of Germany at

It was important for him that TravelAppointments is on the one hand simple and intuitive to use, but on the other hand combines as many services as possible around appointments, contact and customer loyalty. The tool should also be perfectly tailored to the individual design and personal requirements.

This resulted in TravelAppointments as a flexible solution that facilitates the initiation & maintenance of contacts with customers, saves time & costs and increases the conversion rate.