SMG Technology
Schmetterling Technology is the it provider for tourism. The full-service technology is used to supply travel agencies, online portals and organisers. The business unit has been an expert in the systematic networking of data and services for more than 20 years. Through its firm roots in tourism, Schmetterling Technology always meets the technical requirements of the market and attaches particular importance to the future-oriented and dynamic development of smart software solutions. More than 7,000 travel agencies in Germany use butterfly technology products.
Quality Travel Alliance
As the largest travel agency cooperation alliance based in Germany, QTA currently comprises around 9,800 travel agencies and bundles sales of around 5.2 billion euros. Alliance partners are the chains and cooperations AER Kooperation AG, Reiseland GmbH & Co. KG, rtk/RT-Reisen GmbH, schauinsland-reisen PARTNER (alpha ReisebĂĽropartner GmbH), Schmetterling International GmbH & Co. KG and TUI TRAVELStar GmbH.
AER Kooperation
The AER cooperation is an association of travel agencies and tour operators. With more than 1000 economic units representing the traditional medium-sized enterprises of the travel industry, the AER cooperation reflects owner-managed companies whose DNA is the organisation and mediation of travel. Through a network of national and international participations, AER cooperation offers a high degree of usable synergies and thus secures important business areas and ensures diversification. The aim of the AER is to equip its members in the best possible way for market positioning and to prepare them for developments in the industry. This includes consulting, services, software and conditions. The example of Corona is also the representation of interests over politics and society.
alltours Reisecenter
Reisecenter alltours GmbH operates as an economically independent company, but benefits from a strong brand name under the umbrella of the alltours Group. The travel agency chain consists of a total of 174 travel agencies (87 alltours-owned travel centers and 87 franchise offices). In addition, the company also operates several internet travel portals and its own booking service, which is available to customers 365 days a year with high quality for the fulfilment of their personal holiday wishes.
Since its foundation in 1990, BEST-REISEN has stood for a cooperation of successful and independent travel agencies that belongs exclusively to travel agents. Above all, it unites high-performance, owner-managed travel agencies that distinguish themselves through a distinct quality of service as well as a particularly qualified advisory service. The success is based in particular on the three pillars of the corporate philosophy: self-determination, cohesion and quality leadership. And with the new BEST-Connect platform, BEST-REISEN not only combines human intelligence with artificial intelligence, but also breaks completely new ground in terms of CRM and marketing automation as part of its omnichannel strategy: the right offer at the right time with the right customer. Today, BEST-REISEN, headquartered in Filderstadt near Stuttgart, has around 650 member travel agencies.
The live consulting software paxlounge is the market leader in the creation of digital travel offers and facilitates the consulting and sales phase, whether on the PC, tablet or smartphone. For over 30,000 travel sellers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the paxlounge has become an indispensable tool. From over 70 data sources, you can determine offers for your customers and increase your sales with automated processes, such as the supply of additional services. The connection to all relevant mid-office systems also ensures the assignment of offers in the customer history. All offers are presented in compliance with the Package Travel Directive.